/ As seen through the lens of a camera /

Like many individuals, my life has taken many twists and turns,  The past several years have given me great personal loss and the opportunity of rebirth.  One of the definitions of the word “odyssey” is an intellectual or spiritual quest.  For me that quest has had an additional element of artistic exploration.  My medium is photography, and my training has been international.  I have studied with the “well recognized” photographic instructors David Wells, Joseph Englander, Jean Miele, and Malcolm Fackender.  My classrooms have been Vietnam, India, Ladakh, Guatemala, Italy, Myanmar, rural China and the United States.

My photographic odyssey has allowed me to better understand who I am.  The connection between the sensitivity within me and the joy of life around me can be seen in my photography.  I truly love meeting people of different cultures and capturing them in their natural environment.  Barriers to communication can be overcome by allowing oneself to touch and be touched by our common humanity.  My goal as a photographer is to capture the essence of my subject, whether it is an individual or the environment in which he or she resides.

I am a happy participant in the burgeoning art world of Brooklyn, NY.  I exhibit at the Brooklyn Working Artists Coalition and the Flatbush Artists Studio Tour.

Professional Credits

Member of Photographic Society Of America
New York's Park West Camera Club
Visual Language Magazine 20013